All About SBC

The Creator

DMV Native, Joseph “Biggie” McPherson, is the CEO and Creator of The Sandbox Collection (SBC), an urban apparel brand. As a former member of two popular Gogo bands, Biggie uses his notoriety and platform to spread awareness of his brand and vision. Fueled by his passion for music and keen sense of fashion, Biggie set out to model and create a brand centered around his strong values of friendship: love, loyalty, and longevity. In 1996, he became a part of a close circle of friends-whom he still shares close ties with. Biggie affectionately refers to his circle of friends as “The Sandbox”. “I don’t think I’ll ever experience another friendship like ours. And with that thought in mind, I aim to present a product and experience unlike any other.” Biggie prides himself on the creativity and inspiration he channels from his childhood memories and the culture of his hometown.


 The Sandbox Vision

The Sandbox Collection is exclusive, rare, and priceless- just like your most cherished group of friends. Here at the SBC, we pride ourselves on the ability to capture the art and essence of urban apparel. Not only is the quality of our product important, but so is meeting and satisfying the visual appetite of our consumers. The SBC caters to both men and women in a variety of sizes.

The SBC strives to become the leading brand in exclusive urban apparel. Specializing in custom designs, we aim to provide consumers with one-of-a-kind one-off designs and timeless quality collection pieces.